Brand Focus

After the success of Kevin Carroll's book "Rules of the Red Rubber Ball", the author needed help guiding the team of creatives and marketing he'd assembled to manage his growing brand. We helped the Katalyst streamline his efforts by focusing on the business elements that truly mattered to him - his writing, philanthropy, inspirational speaking and online presence. Once the strategy was set we were able to focus his network toward a common goal.

Brand Design

Educator Patrick Newell had grown a small classroom of preschoolers into Tokyo International School - a progressive PreK to 8th Grade center for progressive learning. After ten years, the branding relied on a logo that was difficult to effectively use and, more importantly, the older students hated. We developed the TIS branding to be ageless and international - the essence of the school, it's students and it's founder.

Brand Definition

The Doman Group is an extension of Mark Doman's personal effort to grow his clients' financial base through planning, execution and education. We developed brand assets that reflected the team's passion to define what a Family Office should be for their clients so they could better articulate the services that the Doman Group provide as a fiduciary.

Brand Awareness

The Business of Sports School in Hell's Kitchen boasts about retention, test scores, graduation rates and college readiness. But middle school students don't always select schools based on their educational prowess. So we met them on their level by building the high school's uniform as a relevant streetwear brand. This effort doubles as an afterschool program for the high school focused on building and running an ecommerce business.

Brand Evolution

Beatrice Tosti di Valminuta and Julio Pena opened Il Bagatto in 1995. In 20 years Il Bagatto evolved into a wine bar with a strong delivery menu. The food and the vibe was still relevant, but their digital presence was not effective with the changing neighborhood demographics. So Julio complemented his flipphone with an Ipod Touch and joined Instagram with an updated selection of delicious "to go" photography.

Ecommerce Integration

As the partnerships with many of our clients have grown beyond brand and prooduct, Nice Things NYC, developed as a way to expand on branding opportunities through a unified online retail community.

Brand Simplicity

Jackie Ceonzo's Special Needs Activity Center for Kids needed to age with the students and families who didn't have a place to go simply because they turned 18. Kids were becoming adults. So we simplified an ornate graphic to focus on the kids*. Snack* was for kids, siblings, parents, educators and adults, so we wanted the city to know.

Consumer Strategy

Harlem Blue Premium Beer founder Julian Riley had a point of view and a product unique to his neighborhood, but hadn't considered who would be consuming his brand. Through consumer analysis we'd discovered that ultimately the brand was perfect for the younger version of Julian and his friends. So we updated the branding, marketing and business goals to reflect the larger opportunity that the brand was being adopted by.

Consumer Focus

Hawaii Mike Salman wanted his community to have sharper touchpoints as Chef for Higher dinners evolved beyond NYC. From web design and merch, we are developing opportunities for continiuous and responsible global interaction. #DoYouFlyPrivate

Consumer Sensitivity

Julius Lowy Frame & Restoration has taken care of people's art since 1907. While the business relied on it's core of customers from the artworld's elite, the evolution of collecting meant a new approach to the business was needed. We helped Lowy convert it's personality from Upper East walk-up to Designer Building friendly with a digital presence to match. We also provided the Lowy family with the tools necessary to manage their own digital assets on a daily basis.

Consumer Respect

While the public had fallen in love with the story of Leah & Devon Still, the family understood that their greatest asset in raising funds to help other families in the fight against childhood cancer was Leah herself. But that's a lot to ask from a 6 year old girl that has already done so much. So we developed the business strategy for the Still Strong Foundation around those followers and businesses that wanted a connection to each other as much as they wanted a connection to Leah. As Leah and Devon transition out of spotlight, the foundation that they still manage uses their consumers passion to drive the business.

Production Partners

In Fall 2018 And Them will partner US and overseas manufacturing experts to produce and distribute footwear and accessories globally. The evolution and growth of design, production and retail need to move together. This project unifies this discussion.

Product Specs

People Footwear wanted to add more technical executions to their category. Beyond color and details on existing models, we developed new programs like the Waldo.

Product Creation

Kanye West wanted his own design studio capable of developing the ideas he envisioned the world wearing. While Adidas offered an expertise in technology and manufacturing, Kanye wanted to ensure his concepts were executed with his sensitivities to style with respect to youth culture. We not only helped maintain Kanye's vision for his Yeezy product launches from NYC to Hong Kong, we also created and managed his initial footwear design studio in LA.

Product Development

Apple's BeatsByDre wanted concepts for their energy marketing team to gift their premium headphones and mobile speakers. We created and executed multiple options with our partner factories. Thanks to BeatsByDry, some of these executions live on through other merchandise opportunities for nonprofit causes.

About Us

When Kevin Carroll first needed assistance with his brand, he called upon a few creatives that he trusted to sit in meetings with his paid staff. In order not to make waves, we would simply be introduced as "Kevin & them". We were simply like-minded friends of the brand with backgrounds in creative and innovative solutions. So we became &them.


Making it official in 2014, our backgrounds include Nike, Celine, the NBA, Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Converse and Cole Haan. Thanks to this unique group of creatives, &them is able to provide a wide range of creative solutions from product creation & merchandise strategy to digital assets & social media. Based in New York City, &them stretches it's product creation, energy marketing and social enterprise talents to LA, Paris, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Paris and Montreal.