Welcome to our FAQ page where we answer questions frequently asked by a guy named Steve. Thanks Steve.

Do You Design Shoes?
Yes. That's mostly what we do. We do a lot of marketing and branding projects and we love working in the educational space, but our bread & butter is designing and developing shoes.
You Can Develop Shoes Too?
Yes. We learned that our designs are only as good as the factories we work with, so we've established connections to various production facilities so we know that our work will be represented in the best way possible.
Are You an Agency?
Sort of. Our founder, Jeffrey Henderson, started And Them to tackle individual projects - shoes, website, packaging. As the work grew larger in scope he recruited industry veterans and green interns.
Do You Have Your Own Brand?
No. Our founder started an experimental online store called GoodThin.gs in 2014 for he and his friends. Those side projects include a social cause footwear brand called NinetyNineProducts. Those projects typically use And Them as a resource.
Where Are You Located?
We are based in New York City, but our reach is global. We have marketing & production in Shanghai, design & development in South America and Europe and creatives constantly traveling.
What Does 'And Them' Mean?
Our origin story can be found here, but the short answer is that we do our best to become an extension of our client's brand. Their story, their product and their people are always our focus. We can be heavily influential, but we are happy to play the supporting role in their success.

Community Service

We also find ourselves working on projects that touch our hearts. If you have a project that we connect with, don't hesitate to reach out. We can't guarantee what time we can contribute, but we'd love to see how we can be of assistance.

Good things.