Families Belong Together

When you interact with quality folks like Michael and Alex at Everlane this comes as no surprise.

From AdWeek

“For families. For unity. For our basic human rights.”

That’s how Everlane opens its email asking people to march in this weekend’s Families Belong Together rallies protesting the separation of families at the border.

The clothing company sent out an email to consumers on June 27 asking them to join Everlane at its locations in New York and San Francisco before the rallies to make signs and drink coffee. If customers aren’t in either area, the email also includes a link to find a march in their city or state. It’s a bold move from the company in taking a stand on the issue.

“We knew we had to do something, and we’re incredibly lucky to have a platform and that means to make an impact,” said Alexandra Spunt, head of creative at Everlane in an email statement. “So, a very passionate group of folks at the company got together to brainstorm all the ways we could take action. Marching with our community, as well as sharing tools and resources with them, felt like a no-brainer.”

Everlane’s use of its platform for a cause is yet another example of brands growing increasingly vocal in their opposition to the Trump administration’s policies.

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