Fashion & Function

Everything started when Jeff introduced me to Samantha WeiQin Dong, CEO of Ally Shoes, and her amazing idea: developing comfortable everyday heels for the modern working women who want it all.

I loved the idea from the beginning cause it challenged me as a designer. I have been working in the industry for a few years now but I was always focused on the fashion side of footwear and when this new idea came to me I felt again motivated to prioritize comfort and versatility on my designs.

Having played competitive tennis for almost 20 years led me to love features that give the sneakers the comfort qualities they have. So the idea of mixing these features within a stylish silhouette gave the project an extra spark.

Having Dr. Roxann Clarke - our foot/ankle surgeon - on the team and a factory specialized in bespoke shoes made it easier to develop the product we were looking for.

Thus, we became a female-driven-team, who work not only to produce a female-centered product, but also to build a community, empowering women, encouraging them to support each other and to take care of themselves.

Working with women from different backgrounds, willing to offer a tailor made product and a personalized experience for all women makes this experience unique for a footwear designer.

- Sara Jaramillo