Hustle and Flow

When Nickole Ross headed back to Ohio, she didn't realize what her father Ted was expecting. "He told me that he just needed me to do a few small tasks around the building, like build the website," she fondly remembers her naive acceptance of her father's plans at Fre-Flo. A year later Nickole is helping Ted grow his 120,000 sqft facility just outside of Dayton, Ohio into a modern business.

In 1991 Ted opened a multidisciplinary production and storage facility in the middle of an automobile city. In order to build a business to support his wife and three small daughters, Ted constantly developed new skills within his facility to attract and maintain business. He printed t-shirts and ran injection molds. He added offsite storage with RFID and hired military veterans next to former prisoners. Ted didn't discriminate when it came to keeping his business growing.

This broad approach to running a factory is ultimately what kept Fre-Flo's doors open as other manufacturing and storage facilities closed there doors because they only focused on the US automobile industry.

So when Nickole returned to Ohio, Ted realized that the skills she developed in the music industry from Atlanta to Los Angeles would help introduce more opportunities that were beyond Fre-Flo's current capabilities. For the first year Nickole has been focused on learning the business from the ground up.

We look forward to sharing what Nickole is working on while Ted spends a little more time on his already impressive golf game.

Good things.