Traditional vs Digital

Like most of New York City, the Lower East Side continue to evolve. For many self-described 'True Yorkers' this evolution has been difficult. Restaurant owners have been deeply impacted by the rise of Seamless and GrubHub. Keeping up with the latest digital trend can be daunting when you're carrying a flip-phone. Just ask the owners of Il Posto Accanto.

With Il Posto Accanto we are focusing on different point-of-view - one that fits into the owner's - Bea & Julio - natural personality. Open since 1995 (as Il Bagatto) the block is a constant buzz of personality and character that is difficult to miss. In the summer the fire hydrant cools kids in the neighborhood the way Julio grew up in the Bronx - Gutter Beach. Their yellow Cadillac and dog Kiki are icons on 2nd Street. The regular customers create such an inviting atmosphere that everyone feels as though they are at home.

Though their delivery service has been a staple for many of their customers, Bea & Julio decided to spend the summer focusing on the people that come to their restaurant more. Bea is bringing new dishes and specials while Julio has time to improve the dining experience for every customer. This focus has allowed them more time to contribute to media outlets that have discovered the genuine joy spilling out of their relationship.

Though Bea & Julio have decided on a more traditional route, don't think the last couple of years has made them shy about their digital presence. Yelp! and IGTV are constantly part of Julio's iPhone discussions - which almost never end. "We don't want a lot of followers. We just want followers that want to come hang out and have some pasta," Julio tells me as he scrolls through his list of A-list customers.

We believe we'll see more businesses find their balance between digital and traditional the way Bea and Julio have.

And Julio isn't a bad model. Check out their merchandise on Nice Things NYC.

- Good things.