Stay on Brand

While "All Things Branded" is a bit of overdone, consistency does offer insight in to how we communicate who we are. In the early days of email, I began signing off with "jah bless". My initials are JAH so people assumed it was just from me. Those that knew understood that the initials JAH run through my family starting with my mother

Jah is also God for Rastafarians - a shortened form of Jehovah.

For the first 10 years of work I signed off all of my work emails with "jah bless" and nobody blinked. Then in Tokyo my new director rightfully questioned the practice in corporate America, so I needed something new.

What I'd discovered with "jah bless" was that I had to always finish my emails with a positive vibe. It forced me to be optimistic - which wasn't always easy in the corporate world. I also liked the idea that my work was being looked after by a higher power. I'm not that religious but I believe in stuff. Good stuff.

So I landed on "Good things."

"Your idea is terrible. - Good things." Not so good.

"Your idea is terrible, but I think we can make it amazing. - Good things." Much better, right?

You get the point.

Though my personal portfolio still resides at, "Good things." has been my professional sign off on everything. Find what works for you - a certain pair of shoes, a color, your smile - and Stay on Brand.

- Good things.