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And Them delivers product ideation, design and strategy for clients in fashion, sport and entertainment. With over two decades of industry experience And Them is able to explore product creation from consumer insights to factory commercialization from a diverse collection of creatives.

Creative Execution

Our name was born from conversations that told everyone that we were simply extensions of our client's needs. From Yeezy Performance to Tread by Everlane we've focused on putting our clients's brands in front of everyone.

Our work may be everywhere, but we are a footnote. No pun intended.

Creative Storytelling

We began turning our behind-the-scenes product conversations into consumer facing brand conversation with businesses like Chef for Higher, the Doman Group and Il Posto Accanto. Working with other creatives in photography, writing and events to help tell stories has been a big part of where we are today. We look forward to sharing those stories as soon as we can.

Creative People

After 15 years at Nike, Design & Innovation Director Jeff Henderson officially started And Them in 2014. From Yeezy to Everlane, And Them has helped define and refine award winning product. Today And Them's creative team handles product creation and branding from Los Angeles & Florence to Harlem & Shanghai.

Creative Clients
  • Kevin Carroll

  • Everlane

  • Under Armour

  • Koio Collective

  • FC Harlem

  • Yeezy

  • Converse

  • Frame Denim

  • Beats by Dre


  • Mission Chinese

  • Zulijian

  • Il Posto Accanto

  • Lowy Frames

  • SNACK*

  • Chef for Higher

  • Doman Group

  • Zi Maternity

Good things.